Odoo Onsite Implementation

Odoo (formerly known as OpenERPand before that, TinyERP) is a suite of open-source enterprise management applications. Targeting companies of all sizes, the application suite includes billing, accounting, manufacturing, purchasing, warehouse management, and project management. For more info please visit www.odoo.com.

Databit Solusi Indonesia as Odoo Official Partner in Indonesia provide customization, training both technical and functional and Odoo implementation to fits the Odoo Application with Client's needs. We understand that each company has its own rules, behaviour and SOP, that why we custom the Odoo Applications and also we made modules to enhance the Odoo features.


  1. 1
    What Is Onsite Odoo Implementation ?

    Onsite Odoo Implementation is a project base to design, develop and deploy Odoo Applications to Client’s Server. With Our project methodology the project will take 4-12 months period depends to number of modules that required. 

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    What Is The Benefits ?

    The Benefits using the Onsite Odoo Implementation are :

    1. Client’s will have fully control the server and applications.
    2. The Applications will fully customise base on Company’s Standard Operating Procedure.
    3. The Odoo Applications Custom will totally belongs to Clients. 
    4. Both Functional and Technical Training will be provide as included in Project.


  3. 3
    What Should Client Need To Prepare ?

    Clients need to prepare :

    1. Internet and Server that can be accessed outside Company environtment
    2. a Project Team which include the IT person, Company PIC Business Process (a person who will explain the company business process)
    3. a small office for Databit’s project team. Note that Databit’s Project Team will stay on Client’s office during the project.
  4. 4
    How Much is the Cost ?

    The Cost will be calculate as Total Project Cost which depends to number of main modules required, which inculde :

    1. Business process requirement Gathering
    2. Development
    3. Training Both Technical and Functional
    4. Data Migration
    5. and 3 Months Free Maintenance after Go Live

    The Cost starting IDR 200 Million per Modules :

    1. Fully Customise
    2. No License fee
    3. No users limitation
    4. Fully Owned
  5. 5
    How Long Is The Project ?

    For Ilustration, each module required :

    1. Business Requirement Gathering :  1 week
    2. Development : 1 -2 week
    3. Training Functional : (4 Step Training) – 1 Week
    4. UAT : 1 Week
    5. Data Migration : 1 Week

    for project with 1 module fully custom, required minimum 1,5 month project time. For Project more than 3 main modules, to fasten the project, the number of Databit Team will be added.